2016 Section Orientation Resource Materials

2016 Section Orientation Resource Materials

A. Introduction

1. Forward.pdf

2. Introduction.pdf

B. Bagley-Keene

1. Bagley-Keene PPT Presentation.pdf


2. Bagley-Keene OGC Summary 2016.pdf

3. Bagley-Keene FAQs.docx

4. Bagley-Keene Dept of Consumer Affairs Report.pdf

C. Board of Trustees

1. 2015 - 2016 Board of Trustees Roster.pdf

2. Board Multi-Year Meeting Calendar.pdf

3. State Bar District Map.pdf

D. Council of State Bar Sections

1. Council Roster 2015-2016.pdf

2. Council of State Bar Sections Bylaws.pdf

3. Rules Governing the Operation of Sections.pdf

4. Open Meeting Administrative Advisory.pdf

5. Authority to Administer State Bar Staff.pdf

E. Sections and CYLA

1. Section and CYLA Staff Contact List.pdf

F. Section Education

1. Education Deadlines for 2016-2017.pdf

2. In-Person CLE Program Planning Process & Timeline.pdf

3. Webinar Submission Form - 2016.pdf

4. Event Sponsorship Policies & Procedures.pdf

5. Activities Qualifing for MCLE Credit.pdf

6. Guideline for Calculating MCLE Credit for Speakers.pdf

7. CLE Program License.pdf

8. Self-Study MCLE Article Guidelines.pdf

9. Section Sponsorship Guidelines.pdf

G. Legislation

1. Section Legislation Process.pdf

2. Section Amicus Policy & Side Letter.pdf

H. Appointments

1. Appointments - Key Dates, Deadlines, Policies and Application.pdf

I. Publications, Electronic Communications, Website & Social Media

1. Publications, Electronic Communication, Website and Social Media.pdf

J. Travel Arrangements & Expenses

1. State Bar Travel Per Diem.pdf

2. State Bar Travel Policy.pdf

3. Travel Expense Report Form - 2016.xlsx


K. Section Finances

1. Section Membership Count and Fees 2016.pdf

2. Sample Section Financial Report.pdf

3. Section Cost Reduction Ideas.pdf

L. Annual Meeting

1. 2016 Annual Meeting Preview.pdf

2. 2016 Annual Meeting Preview at a Glance.pdf

3. Committee Registration Form.pdf


"Preserve and improve our justice system in order to assure a free and just society under law."
                                      --Mission Statement of The State Bar of California

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