The Real Property Law Section 28th Annual Retreat

Welcome to the Real Property 28th Annual Retreat

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For your convenience, the following links are all of the program materials for the Real Property Retreat.  If you need a paper version of the program materials, you may obtain them to print your own copies and bring them to the Real Property Retreat.


Panel 1 - TAX Implications of Debt Forgiveness

Panel 1 Materilas.pdf

Panel 2 - Uses and Abuses of Lis Pendens

Panel 2 BIO.pdf

Panel 2 Materials.pdf

Panel 3 - Credit Crisis of 2008 - Affordable Housing Impact

Panel 3 BIO.pdf

Panel 3 Materials.pdf

Panel 4 - Where's the Money? Trends and Alternatives for Financing and Recapitalization in a New Real Estate World

Panel 4 BIO.pdf

Panel 4 Materials.pdf

Panel 5 - Short Sales and Other Alternatives on Foreclosure (Residential and Commerical)

Panel 5 BIO.pdf

Panel 5 Materials.pdf

Panel 6 - Keeping Real Estate Investments from Turning to Dust: The Interaction of Water Supply Planning and Real Property Development

Panel 6 BIO.pdf

Panel 6 Materials.pdf

Panel 7 - Working Out of the Troubled Lease, Strategies for Landlords and Tenants in a Down Market

Panel 7 BIO.pdf

Panel 7 Materials.pdf

Panel 8 - Common Interest Development 2009 - More Fallout from the Housing Decline

 Panel 8 BIO.pdf

Panel 8 Materials.pdf

Panel 9 - Sustainable Development Strategies - Get Informed and Participate In Developing the Regulations or Get Run Over

Panel 9 BIO.pdf

Panel 9 Materials.pdf

Panel 10 - An In-Depth Analysis of the Year's Most Important Legal Developments

Panel 10.pdf

Panel 11 - Keynot Speech - Michael C. Flynn, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Washington DC

Panel 11 BIO.pdf

Panel 12 - Bankruptcy and Real Estate - What Every Real Estate Lawyer Needs to Know

Panel 12 Materials.pdf

Panel 13 - Financial Elder Abuse in Real Property Transactions

Panel 13 BIO.pdf

Panel 13 Materials.pdf

Panel 14 - The Presidio Trust - A Federal Enclave in San Francisco

Panel 14 BIO.pdf

Panel 14 Materials.pdf

Panel 15 - Enforcement of Completion Guaranties, Springing Guaranties and Repayment Guaranties under California Law in the Shadow of Civil Code Section 2856

Panel 15 BIO.pdf

Panel 15 Materials.pdf

Panel 16 - Preventive and Remedial Strategies for the Troubled Construction Project

Panel 16 BIO.pdf

Panel 16 Materials.pdf

Panel 17 - An Overview of the Entitlement Process - A Burgeoning Thicket of Complexity in the Storm of Declining Markets

Panel 17 Materials.pdf

Panel 18 - Residential Arrested Development Now What

Panel 18 Materials.pdf

Panel 19 - Current Issues Relating to Foreclosures and Receiverships

Panel 19 BIO.pdf

Panel 19 Materials.pdf

Panel 20 - Is Arbitration Really Better - A Litigator's Perpective

Panel 20 BIO.pdf

Panel 20 Materials.pdf

Panel 21 - The Subdivision Map Act - From Parcel Creation to Preservation

Panel 21 BIO.pdf

Panel 21 Materials.pdf

Panel 22 - Title Insurance for Workouts, Deeds in Lieu and Foreclosure

Panel 22 BIO.pdf

Panel 22 Materials.pdf

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