32nd Annual Real Property Law Section Retreat

April 26-28, 2013 - Silverado Resort & Spa, Napa


This site includes the program reference materials for the State Bar of California Real Property Law Section's 32nd Annual Retreat.

Points of view or opinions expressed in these pages are those of the speaker(s) and/or author(s).  they have not been adopted or endorsed by the State Bar of California's Board of Trustees and do not constitute the official position or policy of the State Bar of California.  Nothing contained herein is intended to address any specific legal inquiry, nor is it a substitute for independent legal research to original sources or obtaining separate legal advice regarding specific legal situations. ©2013 State Bar of California. All Rights Reserved.

 01 Negotiating the Land Use Project's Conditions of Approval-Perspectives from all Stakeholders.pdf

02 How to Use an Insurance Policy When You Need It.pdf

03 Updated The New Normal in Commercial Real Estate Leasing.pdf 

04 The New Normal in Residential Foreclosures and Post-Foreclosures.pdf

05 CEQA To Be Or Not to Be, a Debate.pdf

05 CEQA Panel Additional Materials.pdf 

05 CEQA Panel Additional Speaker Bio.pdf

Plenary Session Professor's Roundtable.pdf 

06 The New Normal-Development in the Post-Redevelopment Era.pdf

07 When Worlds Collide A Joint Presentation.pdf

08 The New Normal-Homebuilders Lessons Learned.pdf 

09 Updated The New Normal Financial Executive Roundtable.pdf 

10 How to Keep Your Real Estate Clients Loyal and Happy-A Client's Perspective.pdf

11 Who Wants to be an Embarrassed Transactional Lawyer.pdf 

12 The New Normal in Trying a Real Estate Damages Case.pdf

13 Hotel Management Agreements.pdf

14 Structuring and Enforcement of Multi-State Transactions.pdf

15 The New Normal in LLC Agreements.pdf 

16 Diverstiy Special Challenges for the Commercial Real Estate Bar.pdf

17 The New Normal in Common Interest Development Law.pdf 

18 The New Normal Title Insurance Update.pdf

19 The New Normal in Mechanics Lien Law.pdf

20 Updated Selected Disability Issues in Residential Tenancies.pdf

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