2009 Annual Meeting Download Materials

 Download Program Materials at the 82nd Annual Meeting

Download Program Materials

from the Annual Meeting Here

As a courtesy to Annual Meeting attendees, written materials for many of the Annual Meeting CLE courses are available for download here at the Thomson West Internet Kiosks. Ask for your free flash drive (256MG capacity) and download up to 4-6 sets of materials.


[8] Victims' Rights and Restitution: Whose Case Is It?

Program 8.pdf

[9] Family Law and Bankruptcy

Program 9.pdf

 [10] Opportunities in Turbulent Times: Cross Border Insolvencies

Program 10.pdf

[11] Realities of Being a Judge: Lessons from the Bench

Program 11.pdf

[12] Legal Writing

Program 12.pdf

[13] Insurance Law for Litigators

Program 13.pdf

[14] Public-Private Partnerships for California's Infrastructure Needs

Program 14.pdf

 [15] Commercial and Residential Landlord/Tenant Issues in a Recession Economy

Program 15.pdf

[16] Update on Internal Revenue Code Section 1031

Program 16.pdf

[17] 10 Things to Know about Insolvency when the Economy Falls and the Client Calls

Program 17.pdf

[18] Preparing an Appellate Record: As Important as the Brief?

Program 18.pdf

[19] In the Crosshairs of the State Bar Court

Program 19.pdf

[20] Unbundled Family Law

Program 20.pdf

[21] Strategies for Eliminating Bias in the Legal Profession

Program 21.pdf

[22] Hot Law Office Solutions Using Adobe Acrobat 9

Program 22.pdf

[23] Performance Feedback for Law Firm Staff:  Getting Results from Tough Feedback

Program 23.pdf

[24] Legal Ethics in the Global Digital Age

Program 24.pdf

[25] Green Leasing in Existing Buildings:  Tools to Manage Liability

 Program 25.pdf

[26] Medi-Cal Long Term Planning Strategies

Program 26.pdf

[27] Stephen Fairley Presents -- The Top 10 “Secret” Strategies Used by Rainmakers: How to Build a 7 Figure Law Firm During Difficult Times

Program 27.pdf

[28] Introduction to California Land Use Laws

Program 28.pdf

[29] Mediating Attorney Client Fee Disputes

Program 29.pdf

[30] Legal Issues for Websites and Web-based Business Models

Program 30.pdf

[32] Civility and Professionalism: Rambo v. Matlock

Program 32.pdf

[34] Advising Clients in Financial Crisis on Alternatives to Bankruptcy

Program 34.pdf

[36] Litigation Issues in Conservatorships

Program 36.pdf

[37] Standards of Review: Judicial Power and Decision-Making

Program 37.pdf

[38] Conflicts for Lawyers: How to Get Yourself Disqualified, Sued and Disciplined

Program 38.pdf

[39] Criminal Law 101: The Anatomy of a Criminal Law Case

Program 39.pdf

[40] Statements of Decision in Family Law and Other Civil Trials

Program 40.pdf

[41] Copyrights and the Internet

Program 41.pdf

[42] Coaching for the New Practitioner: What They Didn't Teach You in Law School

Program 42.pdf

[43] Repurposing Vacated Commercial Properties and Reviving Stalled Projects

Program 43.pdf

[44] Hot-Button Bias Issues: Eliminating Bias in the Legal Workplace

Program 44.pdf

[45] Tax Advice for Victims of Investment Fraud

Program 45.pdf

[46] Great Adverse Depositions: Principles and Principal Techniques

Program 46.pdf

[47] Hot Issues in Cyberspace Law

Program 47.pdf

[48] Appellate Mediation: It's Never Too Late for a Happy Ending

Program 48.pdf

[49] Attorney's Fees--Practically, Ethically

Program 49.pdf

[50] Strategies to Secure and Maintain Professional Liability Insurance

Program 50.pdf

[51] Ethics Update 2009: Significant Developments in the Law of Lawyering

Program 51.pdf

[52] Techniques for Assessing and Representing Clients of Domestic Violence

Program 52.pdf

[53] Intellectual Property Trouble Shooting and Problem Solving for the Generalist

Program 53.pdf

[54] Immigration Issues in Today's Economy

Program 54.pdf

[56] Ethical Snares and Pitfalls of Lawyers Serving on Boards

 Program 56.pdf

[57] Advanced Strategies for Successful Employment Mediations

Program 57.pdf

[58] The Buck Stops With You: How the People With Whom You Work Can Get You Disciplined by the Bar

Program 58.pdf

[59] Recent Developments in Trusts, Guardianship, Conservatorships and Probate

Program 59.pdf

Program 59 Supplemental.pdf

[60] Workers' Comp Case Law Update

Program 60.pdf

[61] How Franchisors and Franchisees Plan for and Survive Bankruptcies

Program 61.pdf

[62] The Perfect Love Song: Tips on Effective Appellate Arguments

Program 62.pdf

[63] Avoiding Involuntary Pro Bono Work: Forming the Attorney-Client Relationship and Collecting Fees

Program 63.pdf

[64] California Criminal Sentencing Laws

Program 64.pdf

[65] CEQA Litigation: Navigating CEQA's Unique Procedural Landscape

Program 65.pdf

[66] Representing Foreign Parties in Lawsuits

Program 66.pdf

[67] Employing Paralegals: Essential Do's and Don’ts

Program 67.pdf

[68] Equitable Apportionment of Community and Separate Property in a Chaotic Market

Program 68.pdf

[69] Introduction to the New California E-Discovery Rules

Program 69.pdf

[70] The Nuts and Bolts of Mechanics' Liens

Program 70.pdf

[71] Going Solo in Tough Economic Times

Program 71.pdf

[72] Compliance with the AMA Guides

Program 72.pdf

[73] Ethical Issues Faced by Honest Lawyers

Program 73.pdf

[74] Should California Adopt the New Revised Uniform Limited Liability Company Act?

Program 74.pdf

[75] Successfully Coping with the Practice of Law

Program 75.pdf

[76] Dealing with Difficult People--Attorneys and Judges Alike

Program 76.pdf

[77] Human Resources for the Solo Practitioner

Program 77.pdf

[78] Summary Judgment: Recent Developments and a View from the Bench

Program 78.pdf

[79] An Attorney's Guide to Representing Undocumented Aliens

Program 79.pdf

[80] The Laws Concerning Privacy Issues in the Age of Technology

Program 80.pdf

[81] A Contentious Area of Tax Law:  Transfer Pricing Update

Program 81.pdf

[82] How Post-Mortem Administration is Like a Probate

Program 82.pdf

[83] A Paperless Adjudication System for Workers' Comp

Program 83.pdf

[85] Trade Secret Protection and Litigation

 Program 85.pdf

[86] International Joint Ventures

Program 86.pdf

[87] Best Practices in Client Service:  How to Retain Clients and Avoid Ethics Complaints

Program 87.pdf

[88] Reductions in Force: The Legal and Morale Fallout

Program 88.pdf

[89] Top Tech Topics for a Law Practice

Program 89.pdf

[90] Hot Topics in Sales and Property Tax

Program 90.pdf

[91] Estate Planning:  Dealing with Ethical and Conflict of Interest Issues

Program 91.pdf

[92] Mastering the Art of Trial Presentation

Program 92.pdf

[93] A Primer on California Competition Law

Program 93.pdf

[94] Getting Secured in Perilous Times:  Drafting Promissory Notes and Security Agreements

Program 94.pdf

[95] ADR Update:  Arbitration and Mediation Legal Developments

Program 95.pdf

[96] The Federal Legal Landscape under the Obama Administration

Program 96.pdf

[97] People's Money: An Overview of Client Trust Accounting

Program 97.pdf

[98] Eliminating Bias in Jury Selection: Wheeler-Batson in the Courtroom

Program 98.pdf

[99] Recent Developments in Family Law

Program 99.pdf

[100] What California Lawyers Should Know About Global Privacy

Program 100.pdf

[101] Tough Times Don't Last--Tough Attorneys Do!

Program 101.pdf

[102] Law Office Systems and Procedures

Program 102.pdf

[103] Witness Examination Skills Workshop

Program 103.pdf

[105] Real Property Foreclosures in a Nutshell

Program 105.pdf

[106] Tax Considerations for Troubled Companies

Program 106.pdf

[107] Corporate and Transactional Law Developments for Business Lawyers

Program 107.pdf

[108] Developmental Negotiation in the Law

Program 108.pdf

[109] Mediation Confidentiality and Creating Enforceable Mediation Settlement Agreements

Program 109.pdf

[110] Elkins Family Law Task Force Recommendations

Program 110.pdf

[111] Finance and Cash Management for the Solo Practitioner

Program 111.pdf

[112] Thinking Outside the Box: Lawful Innovations

Program 112.pdf

[113] Martin Dean Speaks:  2009 Tips, Tricks and Techniques in Technology for the Lawyer

Program 113.pdf

[115] What Every Litigator Should Know About Enforcing or Avoiding ADR Clauses

Program 115.pdf

[116] Ethics? I Thought This Was Mediation!

Program 116.pdf

[117] Interaction of Real Property Law and Bankruptcy in Litigation

Program 117.pdf

[118] Choice of Entity: Tax Considerations

Program 118.pdf

[119] Terror No More: The Death of No-Contest Clauses in California?

Program 119.pdf

[120] Deuce-A-Rama: Steering Clear in DUI Representations and Practices, Part 1

Program 120.pdf

[121] New Developments in Environmental Insurance Coverage

Program 121.pdf

[123] Successfully Coping with the Practice of Law

Program 123.pdf

[124] The Cyber-Savvy Attorney

Program 124.pdf

[125] How to Refresh, Refocus and Recharge Your Legal Career

Program 125.pdf

[126] Dean Erwin Chemerinsky's Review of  U.S. Supreme Court Cases of the Past Year

Program 126.pdf

[127] Probate and Trust Administrative Issues Created by  a Recessionary Economy

Program 127.pdf

[128] Key Environmental Decisions from the United States Supreme Court

Program 128.pdf

[129] Calculating Guideline Child Support

Program 129.pdf

[130] The Key Legal Features of Building a Business from the Intellectual Property on Up

Program 130.pdf

[131] Legal Ethics--What Would Lincoln Do?

Program 131.pdf

[132] Technology for the Small Law Firm--Competing on a Shoestring Budget

Program 132.pdf

[133] Inclusiveness and Diversity: Eliminating Bias in the Legal Profession

Program 133.pdf

[134] Deuce-A-Rama: Steering Clear in DUI Representations and Practices, Part 2

Program 134.pdf

[136] The Mortgage Crisis and Its Impact on Financial Institutions and Consumers

Program 136.pdf

[138] Recent Developments in Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Enforcement

Program 138.pdf

[139] New Strategies for Winning The Document Production War

Program 139.pdf

[140] Recent Developments in Constitutional Law

Program 140.pdf

[141] Witness Examination Skills Workshop

Program 141.pdf

[142] Writ Practice in the Courts of Appeal

Program 142.pdf

[143] Tax Legislative Update or Obama Administrations Tax Laws

Program 143.pdf


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