2012 Annual Meeting of the California Tax Bar & California Tax Policy Conference


2012 Annual Meeting of the California Tax Bar & California Tax Policy Conference

We have uploaded the education program materials for the Tax Annual Meeting and California Tax Policy Conference on this site for you to peruse before the meeting.  Take this opportunity to print materials before the meeting.  At the meeting you will receive a a printed copy of program outlines (if available) and USB drive with a copy of all of these files.  We do not distribute printed copies of the full set of materials at the meeting (only the available outlines).  Check this site after the Conference for additional, supplmental materials provided by speakers.

Points of view or opinions expressed in these materials are those of the speaker(s) and/or author(s). They have not been adopted or endorsed by the State Bar of California’s Board of Trustees and do not constitute the official position or policy of the State Bar of California. Nothing contained herein is intended to address any specific legal inquiry, nor is it a substitute for independent legal research to original sources or obtaining separate legal advice regarding specific legal situations.   ©2012 State Bar of California All Rights Reserved

Click on the program of your choice:

01 Planning for the Foreign Individuals With U.S. Activites.pdf

02 Charitable Planning Tool Box.pdf

03 A SALTy Countdown - the top 10 Litigation Cases of 2012.pdf

04 Keeping Your Clients Out of Trouble - FATCA Compliance.pdf

05 The Ties That Dont Bind - Settlors Beneficiates Tax Sensitive Powers.pdf

06 Conformity to the IRC or Lack Thereof - Traps for the Unwary.pdf

07 Workers Here Workers There Workers Workers Everywhere.pdf

08 Estate & Gift Tax Update - It's Not Too Late.pdf

09 It's All in the Family - Related-Party Transactions in California and Other States.pdf

09 SUPPLEMENTAL ITEMS - FINAL (Short v ) 2012 CA State Bar Annual Meeting - International Reporting for the Private Client.pdf

10 International Roundtable.pdf

11 Let's Talk About Trusts - State Income Taxation of Trusts Across the Country.pdf

12 The Sales Factor - Finding a Method in Madness.pdf

13 Strategies and Outcomes for Distressed Companies.pdf

14 Estate Tax Litigation.pdf

15 Successfully Negotiating a State Tax Settlement.pdf

16 Taxing Trials - The Ins and Outs of State and Federal Tax Litigation.pdf

17 Retirement Plans IRA Distributions Rollovers and Roths.pdf

18 New Issues for the Oldest Tax - Property Tax Developments and Litigation.pdf

19 Due Diligence in Tax Matters.pdf

20 Estate and Gift Tax and GSTT.pdf

21 A Look Into the Crystal Ball - Emerging State Tax Issues.pdf

22 Avoiding the Pitfalls in Charitable Giving.pdf

23 Estate Planning for Overseas Assets.pdf

23 SUPPLEMENTAL ITEMS - FARDM1-#2634675-v1-California_Tax_Bar_November_2012.pdf

24 Let's Be Frank - Board Members Address How Taxpayers Can Make Better Use of California's Tax Agencies.pdf

25 Resolving Tax Debt in a Struggling Economy.pdf

26 Ethics in Estate Planning.pdf

27 Trailing Nexus - States Use it But Is It Constitutional.pdf

28 Current Developments in Corporate Taxation.pdf

29 Valuation of Unusual-Hard to Value Assets.pdf

30 Sales and Use Tax - Lates and Greatest.pdf

31 Federal Procedural Roundtable.pdf

32 Tax Strategies for Cross-Border M&A Cross-Border Reorganizations and Other Intl Issues.pdf

33 Medieval Times - Knights of the Chief Counsel Roundtable.pdf

34 Penalties - Reasonable Cause and Otherwise.pdf

35 Survey of Financial Products and Transactions in the Post Dodd-Frank World.pdf

35 SUPPLEMENTAL ITEMS - NEW_YORK-#1061700-v2-California_Bar_Slides_Nov_3.pdf

36 Other State Taxes - What's Trending Now.pdf

37 Help Is There a Taxpayer Advocate in the House.pdf

38 From a Civil Examination to a Criminal Tax Investigation.pdf

39 Turn that Frown Upside Down Mr. Brown.pdf

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