2023 Real Property Law Retreat

2023 Real Property Law Retreat 

March 24-25, 2023 ~ Sonoma, CA 

Program Materials  

Day 1 - Friday, March 24, 2023

Panel 1 - Strategies for Thriving as Women Lawyers in a Post-Pandemic World 

 - 2023 RPLS Strategies for Thriving as Women Lawyers in a Post-Pandemic World PDF.pdf

Day 2 - Saturday, March 25, 2023 

Panel 2 - Stress - Your Brain Screaming "Pay Attention" and How that Can Help You Succeed in Law Practice 

2023 RPLS Retreat Stress Your Brain Screaming.pdf

Panel 3 - Whose Space is it Anyway?: Top Issues in Subleasing in a Post-Pandemic World


CLA Sublease presentation_TODAY.pdf

Panel 4 - The Road Not Taken: Land Use and Easement Rights 

Road Not Taken_3-25-2023.pdf

Panel 5 - Put Yourself First: The New Billable Hour

Put Yourself First_2023.pdf

Panel 6 - Vive La Difference!: Unraveling the Differences among Office, Retail & Industrial Commercial Leases 

2023 RPLS Vive La Difference.pptx

2023 RPLS Vive La Difference! Speaker Bios and Reference Materials.pdf

Panel 7 - Attorney Ethics in Remote Virtual Workspaces 

CLE Slides Legal Ethics in Remote World FINAL.pdf

Panel 8 - 2022 Case Law Update

2022 Case Law Update Retreat PDF.pdf

Panel 9 - Plenary Lunch CLE "Breathe - Then Remember Who the ** You Are"


Panel 10 - Introduction to the Unique World of Restaurant Leasing 

Management Agreement Content final.pdf

Model Restaurant Lease Provisions final.pdf

Restaurant leasing outline v2.pdf

Panel 11 - Negotiating Ethically - Yes it can be done! -

 - 2023 RPLS Health and Wellness Retreat PPT.pdf

Panel 12 - Effective Legal Strategies For Helping Clients in a Hot, Cooling, or Cold Real Estate Market 

2023 RPLS Presentation - Hot Cold Slowing Market.pdf

Panel 13 - Wine Law: An Introduction 

Intellectual Property Due Diligence for the Purchase of an Existing Winery.pdf

OLSAN Checklist--Due Diligence for Winery RE and Business Purchases.pdf

Wallis Checklist - CEB Real Property.pdf

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