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You can register multiple attendees by clicking the register link beside the attendee name in the my account area then selecting calendar of events and then selecting the event. If the employee is not listed there then you could create the employee by clicking add employee.

If you have questions about billing or registration, please call (916) 516-1757.

If you need to change your company name, move yourself or another employee out of this company please call (916) 516-1757.

If you cannot login with your SBAR email and pass create a new account.

If you need technical assistance for problems such as logging in, please call 650 825 5128 make sure to leave your bar number and email address, or send an email to with your bar number and email address..

Head Lines

28th Annual Estate and Gift Tax Conference
Mar 05, 2020

Third Annual Financial Elder Abuse Symposium
Mar 03, 2020

Fourth Annual "Celebrating Women in Competition Law in California"
Mar 02, 2020

From the Trenches... Start to Finish as a Solo Practitioner in California
Feb 05, 2020

9th Annual Real Estate and Law (REAL) Symposium
Jan 30, 2020



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