37th Annual Real Property Law Section Retreat

Program Materials & Supplemental Items

We have uploaded the education program materials for the 2018 Retreat for you to view beforehand.  

A set of these materials will be provided to you on a USB drive at the Retreat.  Supplemental materials may be added, and will only be available on this site.   


The California Lawyers Association Real Property Law Section


37th Annual Real Property Law Section Retreat



 Panel 1 - Common Contract Claims.pdf

FRIDAY, APRIL 20, 2018

 Panel 2 - Top 10 Real Estate Cases of 2017.pdf

Panel 3 - Gotcha, Tenant Hidden Tricks and Traps.pdf 

Panel 4 - Dormant Subdivisions The Forgotten Housing Supply.pdf

Panel 5 - 1031 Exchange Creative Solutions.pdf

Panel 6 - Real Property Rights After Death.pdf

Panel 7 - The Future of Housing in California.pdf

Panel 8 - Understanding the Peculiar Law of Easements.pdf

Panel 9 - The Good The Bad The Ugly Tax Reform in 2018.pdf

Panel 10 - Updating CC&RS to Take into Account Shifting Uses.pdf

Panel 11 - How to Get Your Project Approved Under the New Housing Laws.pdf

Panel 12 - Real Estate Reimagined When Tech and Real Estate Meet.pdf

Panel 13 - Representing International Clients Purchasing Property in CA.pdf

Panel 14 - Unpacking Joint Ventures.pdf

Panel 15 - Assignment & Subleasing.pdf

Panel 16 - ADA 504 Fair Housing Act Disability Access.pdf

Panel 17 - Armageddon or Click Bait Recent Developments.pdf

Panel 18 - Detangling Co-Ownership Disputes.pdf

Panel 19 - MeToo TimesUp - Strategies for the Real Estate Law Workplace.pdf

Panel 20 - The End of Life Option Act.pdf

Panel 21 - Advocating for Property Owners and Tenants.pdf

Panel 22 - Keeping Up with the (Techie) Joneses.pdf


 Panel 23 - Balancing the Scales Documentary Presentation.pdf

Panel 24 - Demolition in Progress A Panel Discussion on Breaking Through.pdf

Panel 25 - Most Effective Tips Techniques and Strategies.pdf

Panel 26 - Looking for Buried Treasures and then Doing the Deal.pdf

Panel 27 - Green is the New Gold An Overview and Update.pdf

Panel 28 - 8th Financial Executives Roundtable.pdf

Panel 29 - Managing Casualties Affecting Commercial Properties.pdf

Panel 30 - So You Want to Go In-House Helpful Tips.pdf

Panel 31 - Ethics in Real Property Transactions.pdf

Panel 32 - Navigating the Challenges and Problems Facing ADR.pdf

Panel 33 - Avoiding Speed Bumps at the Intersection of.pdf

Panel 33 - Avoiding Speed Bumps Part 2.pdf

Panel 33 - Avoiding Speed Bumps Part 3.pdf

Panel 33 - Avoiding Speed Bumps Part 4.pdf

 Panel 33 - Panel Bios.pdf

Panel 34 - Regulation of California Real Estate Brokers.pdf

Panel 35 - Fraudulents Documents in Real Estate Transactions.pdf

Panel 36 - Professor's Roundtable.pdf

Panel 37 - Redevelopment Dissolution and the Impairment of Contracts.pdf

Panel 38 - Voir Dire Savoir Faire How Picking a Better Jury.pdf

 SUNDAY, APRIL 22, 2018

 Panel 39 - ADA Law in California.pdf

Panel 40 - From Language to Litigation.pdf

Panel 41 - Stress and the Practice of Law.pdf

Panel 42 - Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing.pdf

Panel 43 - Tolling Legal Malpractice Statute of Limitations.pdf 

Panel 44 - Unpacking the Air Lease Form.pdf

Panel 45 - Saving the Deal When Environmental Issues Arise.pdf

Panel 46 - Ensuring Compliance with Emerging Rent and Eviction Control Laws.pdf

Panel 47 - How Not to Die The Journey to Great Health.pdf


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