2015 Annual Meeting of the California Tax Bar & California Tax Policy Conference

Program Course Materials

The 2015 Annual Meeting of the California Tax Bar & California Tax Policy Conference Course Material files are listed below.   At the meeting you will receive a USB drive with a copy of the files.   We will update this site after the meeting. 

Points of view or opinions expressed in these materials are those of the speaker(s).  They have not been adopted or endorsed by The State Bar of California's Board of Trustees and do not constitute the official position or policy of The State Bar of California.  Nothing contained herein is intended to address any specific legal inquiry, nor is it a substitute for indepedent legal research to original sources or obtaining separate legal advice regarding specific legal situations. Copyright 2015 State Bar of California. All Rights Reserved.

01 - Tips and Techniques for Managing a Law Practice with Ethical Considerations.pdf

02 - Estate and Gift Tax Developments.pdf

03 - Criminal Tax Workshop.pdf

04 - 2014 and 2015 California Tax Legislation - Policy Makers at Work.pdf

05 - Estate and Gift Tax Audit Issues.pdf

06 - FINAL PPT - (85186865)_(1)_Annual Meeting 2015-Taxation Section of State Bar of CA.pdf

07 - Blue Light Special, Finding the Market in California's New Market-based Sourcing Rules.pdf

08 - Important Tax Administration and Procedural Rules for Estate Planners.pdf

09 - Transfer Pricing Hot Topics.pdf 

10 - Going Nuts Over the Complexities of Sales Tax Classifications.pdf

11 - What Every Domestic Estate Planning Attorney Should Know About International Estate Planning.pdf

12 - Partnership Liability Allocations.pdf

13 - Is it a Plan, an Automobile or a Computer.pdf

14 - The Nature and Effectiveness of Domestic Asset Protection Trusts.pdf

15 - Advanced Tax Court Litigation Boot Camp, Part 2.pdf

16 - Exploring the Facts and Circumstances of Nonbusiness Income.pdf

FINAL - Cal Tax - Business Non_Business Slide DeckCAJ DRAFT 10 12 15.pdf

17 - Unanswered Questions in the Fiduciary Tax World.pdf

18 - Effective Resolution Strategies for Federal and State Audits and Appeals.pdf

19 - To Regulate or Not to Regulate in California - Isn't There a Regulation for That.pdf

20 - Planning Strategies That Reduce Both Income and Estate Tax.pdf

21 - Federal Procedural Roundtable.pdf

Supplemental Items for Program 21-

Supplemental Item #1 - Civil Tax Case Responsibility.pdf

Supplemental Item #2 - frcv2015_amendments.pdf

Supplemental Item #3 - Local Rules _ Central District of California _ United States District Court.pdf

Supplemental Item #4 - Tax Division Directive 144.pdf

Supplemental Item #5 - Stolen Identity Refund Charges.pdf

Supplemental Item #6 - SBSE-04-0515-00251.pdf

Supplemental Item #7 - DOC011.pdf

Supplemental Item #8 - Gracie petition.pdf

Supplemental Item #9 - Gracie proposed order.pdf

Supplemental Item #10 - AG's memo re Parallel Proceedings 1-30-12.pdf

Supplemental Item #11 - Deptuty Commissioner Memo 8-2014.pdf

22 - 2015 SALT Litigation - Cliff's Notes.pdf

23 - Planning for Distributions from Qualified Retirement Plans and IRAs.pdf

24 - Civil and Criminal Employment Tax Enforcement - The Government's Current focus and What You and Your Clients Need to Know.pdf

25 - I Swear It Wasn't Willfull Neglect - Making the Case for Penalty Abatement in California.pdf

26 - Gone Girl, Inc. - California and Federal Corporate Tax Return.pdf

27 - Like-Kind Exchanges - Updates-Hot Topics.pdf

28 - Breaking Ground - California's First-Ever New Statewide Partial Sales & Use Tax Exemption for Manufacturing and R&D.pdf

29 - And Now, the Rest of the Story - Oh Those Local Taxes.pdf

30 - International Tax Audit & Appeals Including Statute of Limitations in the International Context.pdf

     30 - State Bar Tax Conference - Power Point Ed Opening Comments - Combined PowerPoint.pdf

31 - Chief Counsel Roundtable.pdf

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