2019 Environmental Law Conference at Yosemite

28th Annual

2019 Environmental Law Conference at Yosemite ®


Program Materials  

We have placed the program materials online for you to peruse and/or print before the Conference.  This site will be available for use before and after the Conference.  In the event that we receive supplemental program materials - we will post these materials to the website after the Conference.  Thank you for taking part in our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint. 

2019 Program Brochure.pdf

2019 Attendee List.pdf


Friday General Session.pdf

 Uncooperative Federalism.pdf

 Decoding CEQA's Standard of Review.pdf

Money Doesn't Grow on Trees Assessing California's Response to Increasing Wildfire Threats.pdf

Are DSAYs the New Bitcoin A Case Study in Successful Natural Resource Damages Settlement.pdf

 SGMA GSPs and Groundwater Allocations - What's A GSA to Do.pdf

Carrots Sticks or Preemption - Should the State Take a More Active Role in Housing Production.pdf

How to Harness the Sun and Wind in Your Community.pdf

Diversity Rountable 2.0 Strategies to Create Lasting Inclusion.pdf

Steak Wine and WOTUS.pdf

The Ports in an Environmental Storm.pdf

A Way With Waste Reducing Hazardous Waste from Retailing Products and Minimizing Liability in Reverse Logistics.pdf

CEQA Update A Perennial Favorite with a Twist.pdf

Deltas in the Delta.pdf

Recent Environmental Law Developments in the US Supreme Court Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and California Supreme Court.pdf

Excuse the Soil Vapor Intrusion, But Your Site is Neither Clean nor Safe New Challenges and Changing Standards for Soil and Groundwater Remediation.pdf

The California Paradox Squaring Ambitious Climate Policy With Continued Fossil Fuel Extraction.pdf

LA River Competing or Compatible Visions Stormwater Use and River Restoration.pdf

Bridging the Gap Between Land Use and Air Quality Strategies for Addressing Indirect Source Air Pollution.pdf

Legislative Update.pdf

Weighing Risks A Look at SB 901 and Its Potential Impacts on Californias Utility Future.pdf

Its the Wild West A PFAS Update from California.pdf

NEPAs 50th Anniversary and the Intersection with CEQA.pdf

Public Trust Doctrine Exploring the Boundaries of an Ancient Doctrine in an Era of Environmental Regulation.pdf

The Coastal Squeeze.pdf




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Please note: There may be limited access to power sources. 

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