37th Annual Intellectual Property Institute

37th Annual Intellectual Property Institute
Program Materials, Speaker Biographies and Supplemental Items
 The program materials for the 37th Annual Intellectual Property Institute are available on this site for you to peruse before the program.  Take this opportunity to print outlines before the Institute, for your use in the classroom.  At the Institute you will receive a USB drive containing a copy of these program files.  We will not distribute a paper copy of these materials at the Institute.  Additional materials provided onsite by speakers will be added to this website after the Institute, and will begin with the title Supplemental Materials.  We appreciate your support of our "paperless" efforts.  


Points of view or opinions expressed in these pages are those of the speaker(s) and/or author(s).  They have not been adopted or endorsed by the State Bar of California’s Board of Trustees and do not constitute the official position or policy of the State Bar of California.  Nothing contained herein is intended to address any specific legal inquiry, nor is it a substitute for independent legal research to original sources or obtaining separate legal advice regarding specific legal situations.


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Copyright in the Digital World.pdf 


Best Practices in Trademark Prosecution-What Works in Real Life.pdf


Little and Not so Little Things that May Trip Up Advanced, Intermediate and Beginning Practitioners.pdf


Advanced Technology Licenses: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly




Obtaining an Injunctive Relief in Trade Secret Cases.pdf


The A to Z of Independent Films.pdf


Internet Cloud and Mobile Law and Liability.pdf 


The Art of Persuasion in Patent Litigation.pdf


Protecting and Maintaining Trade Secrets and Confidential Information In the Age of Social Media and Cloud Computing.pdf


The Name and Likeness Game Current Issues in Sponsorship Endorsements and Naming Rights.pdf


Prometheus Myriad and the Evolving Question of Patentable Subject Matter.pdf


Appropriation Art- When does Borrowing for Recontextualization become Copyright Infringement.pdf


Federal Circuit Update.pdf 


The TTAB in 2012 Whats Hot and Whats Not.pdf


In-House Perspectives on The AIA.pdf 


Shake Hands with Naming.pdf


Get Someone Else to Pay Accessing and Using Insurance Coverage In the Context Of Intellectual Property Litigation.pdf 


Not so Simple- Transformative MIS use in Copyright.pdf

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