2018 Environmental Law Conference at Yosemite

The California Lawyers Association Environmental Law Section


27th Annual Environmental Law Conference at Yosemite 

October 18-21, 2018 ~ Fish Camp

Program Materials

We have placed the program materials online for you to peruse and/or print before the Conference.  In the event that we receive supplemental program materials - we will post these materials to the website after the Conference.  Thank you for taking part in our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint.


2018 Environmental Law Conference at Yosemite Brochure


Attendees List

 (Note: Only attendees that have given us permission to release their information are included)


MCLE Sessions

Session 1: Friday General Session: Polluting Black Space: How Racial Stereotypes Perpetuate Racial Disparities in Wealth, Health, and Environmental Pollution Exposure—Courtney Bonam

Session 2: New California Environmental Legislation—The Legislative Recap from Sacramento

Session 3: We Have to Do Watt? Energy Impacts Analysis and CEQA

Session 4: Drill, Baby, Drill

Session 5: The Storm Over Implementing TMDLs in the Industrial Storm Water General Permit

Session 6: Keeping In-House in Order

Session 7: Do Recent Developments in CEQA and Land Use Help or Hurt Environmental Justice Communities? Topics for In-Depth Discussion

Session 8: Fight or Write? How States, eNGOs, and Green Businesses Are Reworking Their Playbooks to Respond to Federal Deregulation of Fuel Economy Standards and Green Transportation

Session 9: Legal Cannabis, Legal Water

Session 10: Saturday General Session: How Cities Will Save Our Planet—Sam Liccardo

Session 11: Key Recent Environmental Law Developments in The U.S. Supreme Court, Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, and California Supreme Court

Session 12: Fire in Our Future

Session 13: California’s Biomass Management Problem and the Impacts on Air Quality Moving Forward

Session 14: Water Without Borders: Is Trouble Brewing for The United States And Mexico?

Session 15: Our Electric Future

Session 16: The High Environmental Cost of California’s Housing Shortage

Session 17: Common Law Lawsuits by Municipalities in The Name of Climate Change

Session 18: Tanks for Everything—UST 101

Session 19: Sunday General Session: The Trees Are Still Standing—The Honorable Margaret McKeown

Session 20: Earth, Wind & Fire: The Legal and Policy Implications of California Natural Disasters

Session 21: CEQA Update—A Perennial Favorite

Session 22: California’s AB 617—Attacking Air Pollution at the Neighborhood Level

Session 23: The Salton Sea: Restoring the Beauty of California’s Inland Sea

Session 24: All Eyes on Us: California and the 2018 Global Climate Summit

Session 25: Sustainable Agriculture: Improving Food Reliability and Addressing the Long-Term Environmental Impacts of Food Production

Session 26: PFAS: From Fire Fighting to Smoldering Liability, A Fall from Grace

Session 27: Water, Water Everywhere, Nor Any Drop to Drink


Outdoor Presentations

Outdoor Presentations - Speaker Bios


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